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September Newsletter

Dear USA Team Members,

Congratulations on qualifying as a member of the USA World Team and/or the USA Nations Cup Team competing at the very first IBTF World Baton Twirling Championships in Liverpool, England August 4 – 13, 2023!!

This is the first of many communications from the USA Organizing Committee. But unlike in the past where the newsletters were sent out by email, all newsletters and updated information will be posted on our website at

There will be monthly email reminders sent to USA team members and group directors when the website has been updated with newsletter information. However, all information will be updated on our website as soon as it is available so it is advisable to check the website often.

The USA rosters have been finalized for all events and can be found on both the and websites.

The IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship & Nations Cup will be held August 4-13, 2023 in Liverpool, England. The event is composed of three separate competitions:

  • IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship

  • IBTF Nations Cup and

  • IBTF Majorette World Championship

The World Baton Twirling Championships and The Nations Cup incorporate disciplines from the WFNBTA and WBTF organizations. The events featured are the baton twirling disciplines of:

  • Solo 1-Baton

  • Solo 2-Baton

  • Solo 3-Baton

  • Artistic Twirl

  • X-Strut

  • Duet

  • Artistic Pair

  • Artistic Team

  • Twirl Team

  • Twirling Corps

  • Artistic Group

Also included are the Majorette Corps disciplines of:

  • Traditional Majorettes

  • Exhibition Majorette Corps

  • Parade Corps

  • Showtwirl Accessories Corps


August 4, 2023

Opening Ceremonies

August 5-8, 2023

IBTF Nations Cup

August 9-13, 2023

IBTF World Majorette Championship

IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship


It is important that all athletes and coaches be aware of the IBTF rules. There are differences in the rules from the NBTA-USA rules. Artistic Twirl and Artistic Pairs are completely new events for NBTA athletes. The 2023 IBTF RULEBOOK and the 2023 IBTF COMPETITION POLICY MANUAL links are posted on our website. Please read both carefully!

In October, we HOPE to have travel accommodation information and other info from the travel agency.

USA World Team Warm-ups:

Attached is the information for the USA Warm-ups. Warm-ups are mandatory. All other accessory items are optional.


USA Organizing Committee -

Bev Johnson

Juli Duda

Kathy Harris

Janice Jackson

Chris Radi

Debbie Salem

Mike Stoeber

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