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2024 World Qualifier Information: USA Rhythmic Twirl Championships, USA Solo Showcase, and IBTF Qualifier for 2024 Rhythmic Twirl, Freestyle Pairs and Freestyle Teams

Date and Time

Feb 17-18, 2024 University of South Carolina-Aiken Convocation Center

2049 Champion Way, Graniteville, SC 29829

List of Events

USA Rhythmic Twirl - A national level competition for Rhythmic Twirl. All NBTA age divisions (7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16+) will be offered and all NBTA rules will be in effect. See for a complete set of NBTA rules. Athletes did not have to qualify at a State or Regional championship competition for this event.

USA Solo Showcase - A solo competition modeled after the annual National Majorette Contest. This opportunity is offered to get real floor experience on a national level. All NBTA age divisions will be offered. (0-6,7-9,10-12,13-15,16+) All status levels will compete as one division.

IBTF Rhythmic Twirl Qualifier - Separate from the USA National Rhythmic Twirl event, this event will qualify all USA Athletes (3 women junior athletes, 3 men junior athletes, 3 women senior athletes and 3 men senior athletes) for the IBTF championships to be held in Helsingborg, Sweden on Aug 4-11, 2024. NBTA rules will be used, including time limits. Only change is the athletes will be competing in IBTF age groups. This event will have a preliminary and a final round of competition. IBTF’s age definition is your age as of December 31, 2024. The Junior division is 12-17 years old (born 2007 to 2012) and the Senior division is 18+ years old (born 2006 or earlier).

NBTA Duet for IBTF Freestyle Pairs - This contest will use NBTA duet rules and IBTF age divisions for the qualification of Freestyle Pairs. NBTA will qualify 1 junior pair and 1 senior pair for Sweden. Junior pair is defined as two athletes (male or female) who are of IBTF age between 12-17 years old. Senior pair is defined as two athletes (male or female) who are of IBTF age of 18+. A pair that consist of a junior athlete and a senior athlete will compete as a senior.

NBTA Dance Twirl Team for IBTF Freestyle Team - This contest will be a single division using NBTA Dance Twirl Team rules, scoresheets and time limits. (no age divisions). Entries limited to teams of 6-8 members.


  • All IBTF qualifying athletes must pay a $100 non-refundable deposit immediately after the award ceremony.

  • If you enter the IBTF Rhythmic Twirl qualifier, the NBTA Duet for IBTF Freestyle Pairs and/or the NBTA Dance Twirl Team for IBTF Freestyle Teams, you will not be allowed to compete in USTA’s US Trials. This is not an IBTF rule, but rather a USTA rule that they plan to enforce. You may participate in the USA National Rhythmic Twirl and/or the USA Solo Showcase and still participate in the US Trials.

Cost per Event

There is a family gym fee of $30 per family. All other costs are per athlete.

  • Family Gym Fee $30 per family

  • USA Rhythmic Twirl Championships $50

  • USA Solo Showcase $30

  • IBTF Rhythmic Twirl Qualifier $100

  • NBTA Duet for IBTF Freestyle Pairs Qualifier $150 total ($75 per athlete)

  • NBTA Dance Twirl for IBTF Freestyle Teams Qualifier $200 for entire team

  • Friday access to gym for Practice $25

Tentative Schedule (subject to change based on number of entries)

Friday - Three-hour window for gym practice time available from 3pm to 6pm.

(Note: This is just an open floor and not individual run-throughs.)


8:00am Gym Opens

8:30am USA Rhythmic Twirl Championships followed by

Preliminary Round of IBTF Rhythmic Twirl Qualifier.

(Note: There will be a set system available the week of the contest for each athlete’s performance time.)

Afternoon USA Solo Showcase


8:00am Gym Opens

8:30am NBTA Dance Twirl Team (IBTF Freestyle Team Qualifier), followed by

NBTA Duet for IBTF Freestyle Pairs

(Note: These will be one round only)


IBTF Rhythmic Twirl Qualifier Finals (top 6), followed by

Award Ceremony

1:30pm Scheduled to be done no later than 1:30pm for return travel plans

Official Hotels

Hilton Garden Inn- $149/ night 350 Eastgate Drive Aiken, SC 29803 803-641-4220

Hampton Inn- $129/ night 100 Tamil Drive Aiken, SC 29803 803-648-2525

(Note: Limit hotel block at both hotels. Deadline for the block price is 1/16/24.)


Payment Info:

Venmo: @Kathy-Harris-52

Check: Keystone Twirling Federation

86 Saint Andrews Drive Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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